About Us

IESK e-Governance Services  Limited aspiring initiative!

In early 2021,IESK egovernance services Ltd., was introduced for development of affordable and reliable ICT solution in the rural areas. The initiative focuses on enhancement of Internet connectivity at the last mile leveraging of BharatNet infrastructure.

PMWANI WIFI KENDRA essentially facilitates a service delivery ecosystem which can be used to deliver the following services:-

  1.  Broadband Connectivity for all across the gram panchayats & villages.
  2.  Fiber maintenance, GPON infrastructure with professional teams.
  3.  Wi-Fi audio/video calling solutions
  4.  Offline content streaming that includes regional and multilingual content.
  5.  Application development & support to various government institutions.

PMWANI WIFI KENDRA  programme powered by BharatNet is playing significant role in supporting the vision of DoT by providing affordable Internet access to the rural citizens at the last mile using the BharatNet in rural areas.